The Writer's Block
You might know writer's block as an obstacle. My writer's block is where I leave graffiti. 
Check out my graffiti. 

Adidas: Women are here

Chinese women are pressured to believe that they don't belong in sports. Adidas wants to prove the stereotype wrong, by highlighting women already involved in sports. 

I wrote, shot and edited this piece.

It  won a D&AD Pencil in London. 

Bounce: Dryer Humor

My Role: I concepted and co-wrote the script and taglines. I also directed edited and shot the spot. 

A washer and a dryer joke around.

rubbermaid : Contain the Kidpocalypse

my role: I concepted the idea and co-wrote the copy and script. 

I also directed, shot & edited the spot.

Kids come with all kinds of chaos. Rubbermaid contains it. 

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