Nix color sensor: Match life

A man discovers the Nix Color Sensor and its magical color sensing abilities. 

Director/Editor: KC Sosa

Copy Writer: Jessica Nugent

Art Director: David Gordet

DP: Brandon Hemsley

My Role: My main role was editor.  I also co-wrote the script, directed and lit the set.

I Saw the host of the dead

This film won 2nd Place at the LDS Film Festival. 

It is a celebration of Joseph F. Smith's vision, that 

answered the question: what happens after we die?

Director: Barrett Bergin    

Writer: Kevin Kelly    

Editor: KC Sosa

 I was the lead editor on this film. 

Mad Gals: An Introduction

From the BYU Adlab

"Mad Gals" was created to change how women are treated in the work place. This is how it got started. 

Art Director: Sara McLaws

Editor: KC Sosa

As the Editor, I was given assets to animate.

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